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    Why do these spammers even bother?

    Theyr’e many types of comment spam. Some spam comments are really sophisticated, and are designed to get people to click on a simple link, or even on the author’s link. Some of them are to promote questionable sites (no respectable site would use these tactics) and sell questionable products. Some are designed to spread viruses. But some spam that gets caught in the system is so blunt and stupid. I mean, why even bother?

    How about this comment:

    The Cheapest VIAGRA Online-Drugstore. Always Special Offers in Our Online-Drugstore. Click on the THIS LINK or the images below to proceed to the original pharmacy shop.



    It’s so obviously span, that no one will bother clicking. It’s so obviously spam, that it’s most likely to get filtered or moderated. It won’t help you with search engines, because WordPress adds rel="nofollow" to links in the comments. If it skips spam catchers and manual moderation, the site is probably so trashy that nobody visits it anyways.

    Yes, I’m aware that they’re other blogging platforms besides WordPress, and then you’ve got the forums. But most blogs run WordPress or other secure systems that will add the nofollow attribute. As for forums, how many forums are open for guest posting without any form of validation?

    So please someone explain why anyone waste their time writing and operating these spam spiders? Does it repay their efforts? Oh, and just this last question: Wouldn’t you hate yourself if you were a spammer?

    January 16th, 2009 | Posted in Web


    1. Fips | January 22, 2009,

      Very good question, have often wondered that myself. I can understand how certain spam gets through the filters (either artificial or human), but others such as the one you quote simply scream themselves out as spam. Apparently it’s worth their while to send such spam around, and if the stats are anything to go by, it’s degrees, credit cards and Viagra we’re all being fooled into buying.

    2. Neo | February 8, 2009,

      I guess some people have to much time on their hand (spammers). I really hate spam. WordPress handles spammers really good, unlike other blogging platforms…

    3. Dan | February 14, 2009,

      Ive recently cahnged my email address and now im getting not viagra spam but animal sex spam!!!! WTF!!!
      I don’t understand how these bottom feeders live with themselves. I mean seriously who wants to see that stuff. Viagra was bad enough but now this!

      I wonder if there will be anyway in the furture that spam will be flat out regected and a message sent directly back to the spam bot to clog up its email address.

      The people who feel they need to spam must be so desperate.


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