How to help your child make friends:

How to help your child make friends:

Conflicts with friendships among children are very common, and it is thanks to these circumstances when children learn to share and engage. Misunderstandings among children do not have to be something negative.

But when there are ups and downs in the friendship of children, it can be something difficult to handle in parents, especially when children have a bad time.

Your child needs to go out and explore the world to develop properly, but if he is lonely or introverted by his own choice and has few friends but he is happy like that, you can stop reading, it means that your child does not need more friends than he has because he is selective As for friendships.

But instead, if your child is shy and does not know how to make friends but really wants and that causes him discomfort and even emotional problems, then it is a matter to worry about, but you can help him.

Friends are important:

That children play with friends is an important way for school-age children to learn social norms, it will help develop empathy, not hurt others’ feelings, make their own decisions, know how to wait, etc.

The key to helping children is to take small steps that help them foster positive social interaction without forcing or forcing them to do things they don’t feel comfortable with. If you make it possible for your child to have rewarding social experiences.

He may have more desire to be with others and will not feel pressured to do something he finds difficult, because he will feel it as something good and not as something that causes uncertainty or fear of rejection.

Don’t try to change your child’s personality:

As I told you at the beginning it is possible that your child is introverted and that does not have to be a bad thing, it will be his choice to have few friends and if he is happy like that, everything will be fine.

On the other hand, if your child is shy and wants to have friends, you can help him discover the good things about having friends. You can choose a nice child from school to play at home with your child.

If you promote a positive experience, your child may ask general questions about friendship and will most likely want to play with that child again and that is how friendship is created: with experiences that unite.


Tips to help your child make friends:

Plan ahead:

Plan activities with another child for your child to enjoy, you will have to try to make it comfortable and at home so that your child feels good. You can let your child choose the activity, but make suggestions to maximize positive interaction.

Proportional enough materials are necessary for them to play without having to share things immediately.


Be a good example of interaction:

Children need their parents to guide them through actions and examples. Social skills are learned through interaction, so you should check your social skills with others for a week and realize what you may not be doing well.

What is your relationship with the other parents in the park? It is necessary that you develop good interaction behaviors so that your child can learn to enter the game with other children easily.


Do not expect too much or pressure:

If your child feels that you are forcing him to make friends, even if you have the best intentions in the world, it may turn into something counterproductive. It is very likely that your child feels insecure around other children and if he feels the pressure of the parents behind he may feel very bad.

Never enter into a battle of wills and respect his decision, your duty is not to become shyer, but to feel the good of having friends by providing good opportunities that he must accept and never feel imposed.


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