Mazu Global Review – Is It Legitimate?

In this brief Mazu Global review I will cover some interesting facts about this new health and wellness network marketing company. The company is set to launch in late September 2010. The founders of Mazu Global believe that with fair pricing and free shipping everyone can experience the benefits of their quality handcrafted nutrition.

The company is a division of Nuvonyx Inc., a manufacturing company with a positive track record. They have the infrastructure currently in place to produce well over a billion dollars in product annually. Sadly it is a fact that most new companies that enter into the network marketing arena do not make it into their second year. Given the fact that the parent company, Nuvonyx Inc., has been around for sometime makes it a bit more likely in my opinion that Mazu Global will not experience the growing pains of a totally new business.

Muza Gold is the company flagship product. It is a liquid supplement produced from fully certified organic ingredients that are harvested and processed by hand. Mazu Global claims that their health drink will boast the bodies immune system, protect cells and aid in Vexa Global Review mental clarity. The organic ingredients are made up of nutrients and minerals harvested from both land and sea. The company boosts that research for this product had a price tag of 40 million dollars.

The most notable facts I discovered doing this Mazu Global review had to do with the companies innovative compensation plan which they call the All Team Pay Plan. This copyrighted and trademarked plan promises company wide revenue sharing. To become an associate all you have to do is make a two bottle purchase for $39.99 retail. Your subsequent orders will be at wholesale, which is 25% less than retail. You can sell the products and earn the difference between the two or simply enjoy the quality product at a discount. Shipping is always free.

If you are interested in building a business of associates, an associate kit must be purchased. Three kits are available, the Associate Pack for $159, the Sr. Associate Fast Track for $499 and the Partner Fast Track for $979. The Partner Fast Track comes with a guaranteed income from one share in the 4% Global Partner Pool. Associates earn fast start bonuses when associate kits are purchased by personally sponsored associates.

In doing this Mazu Global review I have found that this is a legitimate opportunity. Joining this company to take advantage of this quality product would make perfect sense, joining for the business side of this program may not. The fact is some 97% of people fail to ever make any money in network marketing because they are either unable or unwilling to contact friends, family and acquaintances to purchase products or join their program. However, if you have an understanding of the internet, specifically how to drive people to your web site, you could have hundreds of people contacting you daily to either join your program or purchase your products. In that case, the business side of Mazu Global would also make sense.



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